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Traditional Chinese Medicine

A medicine of yesteryear that crosses the Old eras of over 2,500 years, its results have been proven for millennia in Asia and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2002. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the theory of the functioning of the human being from a global point of view (psychological and anatomical).

Its 6 means of action will all be offered to you during your treatment:

  • Reflexology (release of tensions)
  • Pharmacopoeia (plants)
  • Dietetics (weight loss)
  • Tui Na massages (energy stimulation)
  • Qi Gong (body and breathing exercise)
  • Therapeutic meditation (emotion management)


  • Weightloss
  • Body and psychic detox
  • Gain in skin tone
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Improved digestion
  • Slower aging
  • Reduction of expression lines
  • Improved sleep
  • Disease prevention
  • Optimization of physical fitness

The method Michael Deydier-Bastide

Trained in France in osteopathy, and in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Professor Michael Deydier-Bastide has studied and practiced in Asia, Europe and the USA. He has obtained numerous distinctions and diplomas including:

  • Doctorate "Oriental Medicine" in Hong Kong in 1994
  • Certification of a Chinese university in pharmacopoeia, acupuncture and manual medicine in 1995
  • American AAMA certification in 2004

The professor also organized cures in Asia with exceptional results.

Michael Deydier-Bastide is the author of numerous books:

  • Treatise on traditional Chinese psychology
  • Traditional Chinese massage treatise
  • Abstract of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dietetic Nutritional program

Weight loss associated with taste pleasure Following a list of ingredients and a nutrition program established by Professor Michael Deydier-Bastide, our chef has concocted menus that combine weight loss with taste pleasure. The quantities will be dictated according to the individual health check carried out upon your arrival. Green tea or jasmine tea will be your best allies to accompany your meals. A dietetics course will be given to you to optimize the results and preserve the knowledge acquired from your treatments.

Therapeutic fast

Depending on your goal and your health check, you may be offered a fast accompanied by 1 to 3 days.

Well-being Care

Hammam & wrap

The heat associated with a Chinese herbal body wrap purifies your body

Ban Fa & Chi Neu Tsang

Reduces stress and releases joint tension. Essential for mental and physical fitness

Therapeutic meditation

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Meditation slows brain aging and helps fight depression and fatigue

The Cures

Our cures include full board accommodation with around 3 treatments, massages or activities per day. For a convincing result, you should not take any food other than breakfast, lunch, dinner and plant juices prepared for you according to the complete evaluation for your cure. Cigarettes and alcohol are prohibited. Heavy smokers can use an electronic cigarette if necessary.

In the press

“The ideal way to get your body squared” - VOGUE

"The opportunity to learn about the benefits of qi gong and savor healthy food, full board" - SHE

"Tui Na improves the functioning of organs" - Top Santé

Program & Prices

Take advantage of full board accommodation and forget everything else. Our attentive team will be there from your arrival to your departure to take care of you.

Program and Prices